Why Do You Need A Fitness Personal Trainer

By : Chris Chew


Many people want to have a healthy lifestyle and hit the gym regularly. They work out religiously and do everything they know of to lose weight, build up stamina, and gain endurance or simply to put on nice looking muscles.

The problem is that most of them do not achieve the results that they want or even sustain gym related injuries without knowing it. Alas, this is happening too often and people just give up working out. Sad but true.

If you are not getting any results or are getting regular joint or backaches, then it is about time that you consider the option of hiring a professional fitness personal trainer.

There are a many advantages to hiring a personal trainer to help you with your fitness program and I will list a few here.

a) A professional personal trainer will assess your current physical condition and plan a training and nutrition program that is unique to your individuality with the aim of attaining your objectives.

Your instructor is educated and trained to assess what your body can and cannot physically do and will design a workout and nutritional program according to your situation.

The trainer will also professionally monitor your progress or lack thereof and tweak your training program as you go along to get the maximum result in a safe and effective way. If need be, your coach will increase or decrease the intensity of your training. This can only be done well by professional instructors who are trained to do so.

b) You will be more likely to stick to your program because you will surely see results because of the professional training you are getting. Furthermore, you would have already invested in the instructor and will want to see through the program and therefore will keep to your workout schedule.

A good trainer will also develop excellent rapport with their clients and therefore you will also be looking forward to your training sessions with your new found friend who is also a great motivator.

c) Let’s face the fact. I have personally seen many people training with incorrect forms on the exercise machines or with the free weights everyday. Unknown to them, not only will they not get results from working out the wrong way, they are also waiting for injuries to happen, sometimes permanent injuries such as joint dislocation or falling under heavy weights which may result in broken bones and torn muscles.

Also let it be known that most gym and workout injuries do not occur immediately, but are caused by wrong repeated movements every time you perform the exercises incorrectly. Thus over time, you may develop irreversible joint aches, neck and back pains without even knowing why. Most people will just blame it on working on their computers too long not knowing that their aches and pains are the results from their incorrect training habits.

Take a look at people who are using the services of professional personal trainers. Ask yourself honestly, don’t these people get their results much faster and are working out safely? Do you want to risk not reaching your goals or worse, sustain injuries that may be with you for the rest of your life?

There are many more reasons why it is wiser to hire a personal trainer’s professional services, but the above reasons should be sufficient enough to justify the advantages or the risks of not doing so.