Top Five Industries You Should Leave Bitcoin To Work In


Writing this, I’ll just begin by saying my history with bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Bought my first bitcoin in January 2011, because some anarchist living in New Hampshire told me it’d be a good idea. Rode a wave where I played with it the summer of 2011 in which it went from $1 to $30 and back to about a buck again and I profited pretty hard. Paid no attention to it for a year and wrote blog post on why it was dead while casually buying a few every week and somehow 2013 happens. It goes to $20 with my friend Mark Lamb of Coinfloor telling me “It’s gonna hit $100 this year” in which everyone I know laughed. So later that year it hit $1,000 and I had enough money to go to nightclubs whenever I wanted. After that, got bored, thought it was dead again, held onto some due to not wanting to pay taxes and hey it’s worth $20,000. Or $18,000… $15,000… $10,000… Okay, now it’s still worth a lot, but sorry for those who bought at 20k. In that process, I also made money on Golem, broke even on ether, ignored Ripple marking it as bitcoin for Democrats, didn’t touch really any ICO’s, did well on litecoin, did good on dash, did really good on Z cash and overall been happy at least holding a more firm portfolio than crypto fraud James Altucher.


Doing that though, I’ll just say it… I don’t really want to be in this space and I don’t think it’s really a good industry to work in for most people. Ultimately, I’m not 100% sure I see a huge future in blockchain tech. People call it the replacement of the internet. However, it’s more expensive, less efficient and offers benefits most people don’t really care about. Even the applications I do see a value in, I just don’t see it being worth the time. Etherium which marks itself as a software company holds a valuation far higher than adobe. If we counted every application run on adobe just in the next week, it’ll surpass ether applications in the next year. That just presents this space as a giant bubble I’m really worried about. And the final problem is the simplest. Everyone and their mothers friends aunts husbands dwarf grandsons mother is getting into crypto. It’s become the go to thing to do with your life when becoming an actor is just too hard. And with those reasons, I just don’t recommend working in crypto.


However, before every person who bought bitcoin at $18,000 grabs there Boring Company brand handgun, there is hope. There are many industries ripe for innovation that are either already huge and growing or barely tapped into. These are five markets that I can 100% see being stronger, more stable and all around more fun over Bitcoin in ten years.


So with that, let’s dive in.


Number Five-Marijuana


Starting this off, I’ll just begin by going to the crop everyone’s middle school DARE teacher said would turn them into a heroin addict whoring yourself for a quick high and later became the thing people smoke with their grandparents, marijuana.


Pot is at a point where in America and globally it’ll likely be legal everywhere by the year 2030. Banks will be devoted to it. Facebook will pride itself in advertising it. Middle school DARE teachers will tell you smoke it instead of drinking. And with that embrace of everyone playing with the wacky tabacky, we hit a fact. That fact is a massive centi billion dollar industry is gonna be formed around it and unlike a lot of blockchain entrepreneurs, people will probably have a chance at this one.


If people live in towns be it Rockland, CA or Rock Hill, NY, they’ll have the local dispenser, the local grower, the cannabis chefs, the oil shops and probably half a dozen other little businesses setup. And with cannabis, it lends itself to a consumer base which is gonna want to feel more authentic and local. So for a person trying to launch a cryptocurrency, they might want to consider settling down, moving to a nice town and become the richest person in it owning the marijuana space in it. And while a lot of people are in it, there’s still plenty of places around the world where it’s a few years from legalization and the scene isn’t there yet.


So yes, go trade your Etherium in to go buy a dispensary in Nebraska and enjoy becoming rich.


Number Four-Basically Anything In Firearm Modernization


Continuing the trend of taboo industries to get into, we’ve talked pot and now are gonna talk guns. This is just a fact of life we are gonna have to accept. Regardless of the shootings, regardless of data and regardless of David Hogg’s skinny arms, people are still gonna want to buy guns. Go to most areas of the country and find male, female, straight, gay, black, white or whatever a person is, there’s people in that demographic who do like guns. They like firing them. They like the protection of having them. They like the merchandise. And with all that, there’s a multi billion dollar industry not a ton of people want to really work in.


With the rise of the anti gun movement, there’s also super rise of the pro gun movement. One that wants people who can figure out ways to make guns cheaper, lighter, stronger and easier to access. It’s this giant fan base that needs people for marketing, engineering, distribution and more. Also an industry that while regulated, holds enough red tape to cap a lot of people out making it exciting for those who put the work in.


Writing this, I’ll actually just say that I’m not a huge gun guy. I have in my life fired an AK, AR, handgun and rifle, but did that all before age 12 and haven’t fired since finding it genuinely boring and a stupid waste of time & money. I also think we need to take some measures to make it harder for mentally ill people to get a gun while making it easier for lower income and at risk people to get lower power firearms. That being said though, this industry is billions and for every time David Hogg tweets about the young people coming, there’s at least another ten million added to gun sales.


Number Three-Instagram


People call Etherium the new internet. They are wrong. It’s probably not even going to exist in a decade and I doubt leaves a major footprint on the world. Instagram however will 100% be the secondary internet. Be it videos with ads in them. Be it handles where deals are getting made every single day. Be it Instagram beginning to launch stores and allow ecommerce. Instagram is a highly engaged tool for fast paced lifestyle, humor, information, sales and more.


I have been in Instagram & Facebook for a long time now. I own accounts that every week reach millions and I’ve monetized them all. It’s something that is growing and will be a future for how people get content and buy things. It’s also something where a following as small as 30,000 people can produce an income for a real small business.


So with that, go and get the best handle, post photos of hot girls, build a following and start trying to sell stuff. It’ll take a while, but perfect for steady passive income and building up networks. In a decade when Instagram is the largest advertiser, ecommerce platform and small business platform, everyone who got in will thank me.


Number Two-Virtual Reality


This is one where it’s kind of had a lot of days in the sun, but all got hit with a lot of early sunsets. In the 90s, the tech wasn’t there and a bunch of failed kids toys such as Virtual Boy launched. In the mid 2000s, some resurrection happened with smaller tech companies popping up to do it and going nowhere. Finally in the early 2010’s a little site known as Kickstarter popped up and hey, Oculus Rift happened. That bringing good VR to the world quickly hit mass popularity and excitement. Excitement so big that Facebook stepped in spending billions to buy Oculus. Excitement went so hard that Sony jumped in and launched PSVR selling over a million units and bringing everything from shooting games to pornhub into their system. However, with that, it’s still not quite as big as some people hoped. And by not as big, we don’t live in a world we use it daily and can’t define the differences in real life and VR.


Doing that though, it’s still going to keep growing with hardware for walking and more tech to make it feel more and more like real life. And with every fortnite and market push for casual games, they’ll still be a huge industry for VR and tons of ways to develop on it. It’s gonna hold a strong market demand and every home in 2030 is gonna have a VR system, a method for walking and a detector to make sure young men’s moms don’t walk-in at the really wrong time.


Number One-Lab Grown Meat


Originally, I was more into the idea of the Impossible Burger as a replacement to meat. That is a 100% vegan option made from plants and other pieces using heme to recreate blood. It taste pretty good, but doesn’t really taste perfect. It’s a little too crisp, it’s flavor is a tad off and while good, it doesn’t do it perfectly. However, this year more companies are launching lab grown meat that does taste identical to the real thing, because it is the real thing. Minus the cost of raising animals, the impact on the environment of excess co2 and killing of animals, lab grown meats or fish are the 100% ethical, environmental and affordable option that Impossible didn’t hit. So the question stands on how people make money from it.


The first part is really simple, the industry. Distribution, production, recipes, restaurants or whatever, lab grown is gonna have a really strong market that older players won’t get in on and new entrepreneurs can be the kings of. The second is something people aren’t thinking about and that’s just unused farms. When lab grown meat rises, a lot of farms are gonna fall. However, millions of acres of land, facilities and more going away isn’t a good idea. The entrepreneurs who can turn the cow farm into something else and replicate that model a hundred times will make millions. This is gonna be a massive market change bigger than what even the internet provided. With that, the trendy guys who went to Silicon Valley will be going to the chicken industry in probably as soon as three years.


Concluding Thoughts


My conclusion here comes from being an early investor in crypto. When I bought in, I had not really any cash and made a lot of cash doing it. No one thought it was a good idea and people asked me why I wasn’t just investing in Runescape money instead. I came in like others and we were entrepreneurs in the sense we came to set a trend. However, crypto and blockchain today aren’t the places a person should go to be an innovator or be unique. It’s crowded and I genuinely don’t believe that crowd is gonna get much.


These five industries are just the simplest. There’s self driving cars, AI, nuclear and things I’m not even thinking on. Don’t be part of the pack going to hunt for the next altcoin. Be the lead wolf going into a new field.


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