Doing an article on better ways to get in touch with people on Instagram, I got introduced to Josh Kelly. He is a Boston Native, he is young enough that most people in sports would just be starting out and he’s done enough work people actually are seriously giving him attention. He didn’t have an uncle in the right room. He didn’t have some magic app or software which made him huge. He just started on social media and built a real game for himself. So naturally I wanted to know how.


Talking to Josh, I got a sense for what he has going on. He currently from various roles has a management or ownership position in a network of Instagram accounts holding roughly 10m total followers. He has been able to get in touch with athletes who are awesome and he enjoys interacting with to do work with them. He also in this process gained skills in video editing and other things. Overall, it’s pretty damn awesome. However, why did he get to be the guy talking to athletes and running accounts while others just aren’t doing as cool stuff? What character traits and techniques did I pick up from the guy where I felt he was an interesting guy to talk on.


Doing this, I’ll put him in three categories. Social media methods. Personal points. Strategy when approaching clients.


First Part: Social Media Strategy


For Josh, he’s struck me as someone a little less focused on building new accounts and more fixed on better monetizing and using accounts built. With a lot of accounts, it’s sharing the same memes, same photos and same photos to grow and grow, but monetization just never happens. Josh is more set on using existing accounts to build up client pools around accounts to make more money in the future. It’s a change of strategy, but a needed one.


Second Part: Personality Points


What I noticed about Josh pretty quickly was this. He was a more serious guy, but a nicer one. Very often in business, the most serious people come off as the biggest jerks on earth. Also, it’s not uncommon where the nice guys just aren’t serious. Josh pretty easily holds a good attitude, but still gets to the point. With Josh telling me about contacting athletes, he said he kept it professional yet allowed some personality to show. With that, I’ll just say this is the easiest thing a person can learn. Keep professionalism and kindness balanced.


Third Part: Approaching Clients


This again is just the easiest point from my last article with Josh. He said his best strategy approaching clients was the word “free”. Finding someone who needs a service done and just offering first round free. Josh started not making much money in this game, but built up his skills and built it up just by saying “free”. This is simple, but for people starting out, the right approach can get the client who leads to money.


Doing this, for my experience with Josh, it’s a few things where learning was done. However, the most telling sign is a point I’ve made before and that’s Instagram being the new internet. We’ve hit a point where having a .com independently is hard to launch a small business on. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more… This is where the future of small business lives and it gives every player a ground floor to get started.


With that, I’ll close putting Josh Kelly’s contact info here with @JoshK and and allow anyone a chance to contact him if they’d like.


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