I own an Instagram account with 23,000. The account started as sort of a nature meets politics page I wanted to do, but got bored and instead decided to make it a personal one. Lost a few followers, but as pointed out to me by a friend at a party “Wait, Kyrie Irving follows you on Instagram?” and I soon responded “Who?”. Turns out to my lack of knowledge at basketball made me unaware that one of the most popular basketball players on earth just happened to make me one of 600-700 people he followed and looking back, he even liked a couple of my personal post. I run a network of large accounts and found a lot of celebrities actually do follow. Cast members from Jersey Shore, major actors, playboy models, athletes, billionaires and more are all randomly sitting on accounts I have. Naturally looking at this, I just had one big question. How do I get in contact with them and how would I when they don’t even follow an account I have?


Me being lazy, I chose to not actually figure that out myself so instead tried to search Google. Instagram being so niche as a business, I got no results that could be found. After that, I decided to ask some friends and one pointed me to Josh Kelly. Josh is an entrepreneur out of Boston who did video work starting out over five years ago with the goal of catering to rising or famous athletes and well… He had a lot of success. He from a lot of work and some rejection managed to make money and get perks talking and working with famous people. So I saw something I wanted to learn and found it not being on Google and thus, I realized I have a site that can have stuff appear on Google and decided to share what I learned from Josh.


Talking to Josh, I decided to make four very basic points on how a regular business owner can get in touch with a celebrity. There was a lot discussed, but I decided to break it down to points that could cover any business. With that, let’s begin.


Method One-Free


The word “free” is kind of the thing that is the most powerful lure on earth. For Josh in his business doing video work, it’s a necessary thing he’s done with athletes which works. They need video services to compile their work and not everyone in the NFL or NBA are millionaires or even aware they need this stuff for brand building. Coming to them offering this, it’s a chance to bring a high profile user in and make them a key to grow for future use.


Doing this, video isn’t the only route. If a person owns a clothing business, offering a free clothing item for a promotion is a real option. If a person owns a restaurant in a major city, a free meal is a thing to offer. Sometimes to the person messaging, it’s not worth it, but in some cases it just is. So giving away something for free to get a prime user can be a piece of value.


Method Two-Basic Professionalism & Not Being A Fangirl


While everyone has the fantasy of being a person the world cheers at with every call, it’s pretty clear that’s just not what people do when they get big. Models don’t want messages sent to them saying they are pretty and a person wants to see them in their bikini. Athletes know they have a gig people want and they don’t want to be given even more fanmail. Actors don’t want a random movie quote.


Josh chooses a different approach and that’s simply just the professional approach. Write a message on Instagram treating them like a professional and being short and concise. It makes things better and will just save a person from the celebrity showing it to his/her friends saying how many ridiculous messages they get.


Method Three-Have A Good Account


This is the easiest advice I think that can be given, but it’s just needed. To make it easy, let’s just do bullet points.


-No weird memes shared on an account.

-No unprofessional content of any kind.

-Photos should be professional and make the person look functional and achieved.

-Having an actual bio in the account saying what the person does.


This is again the most obvious one, but the most needed.


Method Four-Use Other Good Accounts


This is the simplest one most people would just never do. On my phone right now, I have multiple accounts in. One account is my personal, but I have accounts in there with over 2m followers. Doing that, I don’t have to let anyone guess which is the best one is for a reply.


With Josh, he’s worked on Instagram to be part of an account network with millions of followers and that very often is bigger over the actual celebrities. An account with 1m followers messaging an account with 50,000 people will impress an actor or athlete even if they’ve done major work. It’s Instagram being a jungle and followers make someone the king.


For concluding thoughts, I’d like to do two things. First being thanking Josh Kelly and ask readers to give him a follow @joshk or an email with JoshKelly.ig@gmail.com where they themselves can get in touch with him. Second, I’d also remind everyone that celebrities and names can be important, but not to get worked up over it. A business getting a major name as a client is great, but remember money has to be made eventually. When a person knows their skills and know it’s worth money, they should ask to be paid for it. Using the first celebrity and charging them nothing is great, but try to get it the second or third time.



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