Anthony Scaramucci “I Believe Donald Trump Will Support Legal Marijuana After Midterms”


On Sunday October 28th, I had the honor to talk with Anthony Scaramucci about his new book “Trump: The Blue Collar President” where he discusses what Trump has done and why he believes he is the president “Fly Over America” needed. I had many agreements and disagreements with Anthony, but a pleasant talk began. However, as it closed, I had a random question on the fly. Will Donald Trump ever support legalizing marijuana?


“I do. I think he’s going to legalize marijuana. I think he’s waiting until after the midterms. He’s on the side of legalization. I think his attorney general probably wasn’t.”


This to me was the shock I never expected to hear where I held back strongly from a jaw drop. Anthony Scaramucci was interviewed by Bill Maher the night before he was interviewed by me. That interview got pretty heavily heated and caused Donald Trump to call Anthony up before my call with him and give him feedback on the interview. This leads me to believe in the conversations that Trump and Scaramucci have had over the years, he had some insights on it and that is where Scaramucci had the confidence to predict this.


Scaramucci and I discussed marijuana for about 1-3 minutes beyond that and our words just ultimately met with the line “It’s time”. We mentioned the crime. We mentioned the numbers. We discussed every point the traditionally conservative opponents of legal marijuana would give and each time it took us 5-10 seconds to dismiss them as nothing besides failed ideas. I a two time Gary Johnson supporter was talking with the former speaker for the president and we just nodded that Marijuana needed to be legalized and he believes our president is with us.


So after that, we just have one question. Will Donald Trump actually do it?


Scaramucci and I spent some time discussing Jeff Sessions and the will he or won’t he relationship with Donald Trump. Anthony says he’s not sure if Sessions stays or leaves, but he thinks it’s still going to happen. I didn’t ask him about republican support with congress in the interview, but we did discuss heavily how Trump has this overwhelming power in the GOP and how he can flip opinions fast.


Final thoughts?


I liked talking to Anthony Scaramucci and think he is a smart, authentic and honest man. If he thinks Donald Trump is actually going to come out for marijuana legalization, I’d believe he’s probably right. I’ve in my life never smoked marijuana and am personally opposed. However, having countless friends in the industry and seeing how this irrational war on marijuana has hurt America making a system where the rich smoke freely and the poor go to jail, it’s something Anthony and I just said. It’s time.


Thank you for reading and to see the interview for reference, the link is here.


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