Unmistakably, we cannot ignore the gaping hole created by the presence of social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Point: E-Commerce has revolutionized the way which we market our entrepreneurial ideas into reality. Comprehensively, Shopify is a power move for entrepreneurs in any niche. Through popular outlets and demographically targeted advertisements, entrepreneurs in 2018 have found immense success in launching their niche stores through the power of Instagram & Facebook’s advanced business options. In my experience with running Jersey Champs, my unfathomable growth is a testament to my relentless work ethic in formulating the perfect strategy to virality!


So…you’re interested. Maybe you don’t have an idea per se, but you want to learn more about E-Commerce and the vast benefits of potential 10x growth. Okay, let’s be realistic here. You don’t have a lot of free time. You work a job, maybe two, cope with trying to maintain good sleep patterns & not miss a single deadline. You’re exhausted. Why not make your money via passive income stream? Countless entrepreneurs, like Cole LeQuier, are constantly changing the game. With a relentless mindset and non-stop hustle, entrepreneurs abroad are finding gains from launching niche-based Shopify stores. In short, a trending product is sold for more than it is valued at in bulk MSRP via the internet. E-Commerce as a whole is thriving; within that last hyperlink, we can observe projections of E-Commerce to grow in the trillions by 2020.


Who cares? Well, your online shopping habits and lifestyle already directly relies on wholesalers across the world to import your necessities and goods to live your life to the fullest. The work done by entrepreneurs to create a bridge to simplify the consumer experience is perhaps the most amicable & honorable. The foundation established by creating digital sales funnels via successful business models is constantly evolving and improving everyday. Subscribe to the Lequier YouTube channel for more informative videos and helpful tutorials on how to pave your unique path to success.



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