Understanding the Cultural Impact of Jalals with Manager, Anthony Khalil

In the midst of worldwide political uproar, terrorist tensions in the Middle East, and governmental turmoil, social media has made it hard to ignore the viral content related to tragedy, genocide, and generally bad news. Comedians, historically, are known to make light of these issues. Take for example renowned late-show host Stephen Colbert: Leveraging his worldwide stage, he is sure to poke fun in comedic satire at political anomaly, Donald Trump. As one isolated example among the sea of relevant media icons, a community has formed around like-minded comedic acts to create a light-hearted digression from the harsh reality of the world.

In seemingly no time at all, the Jalals have established themselves as the fastest growing Facebook page, surpassing the likes of ultra-viral topic and public figure Logan Paul. Amassing surreal view totals in the billions cross-platform, the Jalals have set a new industry standard for radical, extremist comedy. Their rise to relevance was not all laughs and reposts; much to the dismay and public uneasiness of their stunts, among the millions of fans and entertained viewers (like any viral sensation)- they certainly have their haters. What amazed me in my independent research of the Jalals is how strong and supportive their fan base has been in supporting their ridiculously blunt style and approach to comedy. For every hater on a Facebook post, there are literally dozens of opponents; the love for these young comedians stretches far beyond the scope of a few viral stunts.

The Jalals have created a brand without creating a brand. Huh? Yes, the Jalals, managed by Anthony Khalil, rose to fame without selling a single authenticated piece of merch. No giveaways. No sponsored promotions are hosted on their Facebook page or Instagram, instead, their chief manager Anthony shared with me the virality of these posts is completely organic. As the admin and CEO of Jersey Champs, I’ve learned the importance of collaboration. Whether it be with an individual, brand, or company, the gains to be had from professional collaboration are incredibly mutual & bountiful in the world of social media marketing. After speaking to Anthony, it is almost as if I want to apply his structural design toward consistently pumping out viral-smash hit after hit after hit…his unorthodox approach toward the world wide web is uniquely humble; his insight is truly worth millions alone.

jalals thrive global
jalals thrive global


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