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Salutations! Today, I invite you to sit down with Sadiq Mohammad, CEO of HoodClips. I picked his brain to learn just how he got started and what fundamental steps were necessary in his journey toward early success.

Q (Sean Kelly): Good morning, Sadiq! What were some early struggles you faced in your first attempts in entrepreneurialism?

A (Sadiq Mohammad): I was in high school when I began to develop an interest in internet money. At the time, I was notably struggling with my academics. From the moment I began to intellectually comprehend the world around me, I knew school wasn’t for me. Comparatively, my colleagues and the majority of my friends at the time also were not interested in school. Within my nuclear family, my parents had not received formal high education, and my brother dropped out of high school. With all of these factors in mind, education was far from my #1 priority; the immediate network around me was not education-focused.

Q: Interesting. It seems to run as a common thread between young, successful entrepreneurs- this boiling fascination with E-Commerce and social media marketing. What steps did you take from this young age to solidify leverage in your new field of interest?

A: Without stereotypical guidance during my adolescence, I took matters into my own hands and began researching ways to be successful. At the time, Instagram was a new social media platform, with little to no competition. A few years after Facebook’s big boom, I decided to open an online retail store where I could advertise my products on IG. A key factor that I lacked around the birth of this idea was the mega-following in order to expose my products to the targeted demographic(s) and niche(s) I desired to reach. Causatively, I created an Instagram page where I could grow a large enough following to do so; through utilization of viral videos to create new followers, I experienced slow, but steady, growth over time. Since there weren’t many pages providing content in the meme/comedy/shocking video niche, I thrived in the market as an early adopter of Instagram Marketing; before I knew it, my follower count grew well into the millions. With this platform I had built up from 0 followers, I began to network with other entrepreneurs experiencing similar exponential growth to their page(s). The faster you are able to recognize your niche, the better; I expanded my business to a new level that helped propel me to where I am today.

Q: What were struggles, in your personal life, surrounding your newfound success as an Instagram influencer?

A: When my business began to grow, I was a college student, who at the time, was struggling academically. In response, I dropped out and focused mainly on expanding my business. I had developed a tool that many people would do unethical things to acquire; my viral-marketing strategy poised me early in Instagram’s boom as a go-to source for viral video content. Although my business was flourishing, I was still new to the game, therefore I was hungry to be networking with individuals to help me. However, I met many individuals and companies that would seek to take advantage of me and my business. There were instances where I was promised a team that would help mentor me only if I agreed to sign a contract. Those “contracts” were essentially sinkholes that tried to seize my business away from my control. Still relatively fresh in the game, I learned and ultimately realized that the forest of social media clout was no stranger to snakes. (people that appear innocent who, in fact, are attempting to sabotage and try to take from you what you worked hard for)

Q: Great insight, Sadiq! I’m sure many of us can agree, the road to success is not always carved with perfect accuity. Where does your business sit among your daily priorities?

A: I work almost every hour of the day. I have no set schedule but I typically wake up early in the morning, usually around 7. From then onward, I experience nonstop messages, emails, calls, and alerts that need my attention. I can be at lunch and I will get an important call. Boom.  I can be sleeping 3 A.M. and I can get an urgent notification. Boom. I’m always at work, no matter the time or setting of the day. Among my priorities, my business sits at the top, unless in the case of an emergency. What many driven, young entrepreneurs fail to realize is just how crucial time management is as an integral catalyst to one’s success in the game.

Q: Who would cite as a mentor, influence, or general inspiration everyday in your field of work?

A: A big mentor for me is Floyd Mayweather. He has showed me a lot responsibility that comes with success and has introduced me to people who have helped me with my business.

Q: How do you run your business (e.g. who, what, where, when)?

A: We have a team of 10 individuals that work remotely in major cities. We have individuals that work in LA, Miami, New York, and Houston etc. We are located across the nation to work with are large clientele and network to broaden our clientele.

Q: Which social media can you identify as perhaps the most crucial to your business model?

A: Instagram is by far the most useful tool we utilize, along with Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. We also use a variety of financial apps to help our payment system as different clients prefer different methods. In addition, we use unique editing softwares for specific tasks and content to accommodate our clients/audience base.

Q: Many of us reading this interview are in a similar boat with internet entrepreneurialism. Could you recommend a book to our readers?

A: I recommend the book Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. The title is misleading, as it is simply business focused, and one of the best books for a new entrepreneur to read. Studying successful people such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Peter Rice, and Indra Nooyi is essential for understanding how the open market works. The list is ongoing while each individual shares a key set of skills and ideas that can improve not only an individual’s business mentality but their personal life as well.


Q: What does the future hold for HoodClips and beyond for you, Sadiq?


A: Our next move is to essentially to expand further and continue growing. We are looking into new industries and always finding fresh ways to make our daily operations more efficient. Building capital is a priority, as well as having the resources to launch our next project. These are things  we speak about on a daily basis at HoodClips. Many people do not realize the amount of work it takes to be remain self-sufficient during periods of expansion. Our goal is to be a respectable media company, in all facets, live for general, private, and public utility within the next few years.

Sean Kelly

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