Hardcore Comedy (@hardcorecomedy2.0) currently stands at 1.9 million followers. Their follower count increases by thousands daily. How do they do it? I had the opportunity to sit down with Christopher Clarkin, the influencer behind the viral social media platform, and he gave me a sneak peak of his process.

Every page starts with 0 followers. As you might know through experience with your own pages, following the people you know can only get you so far. Everyone strives for a ratio that is now deemed acceptable. The unwritten rule stands “Never follow more people than those that follow you”. But how do you grow your page past acquaintances without initiating the follow? For Clarkin it was simple. Be yourself.

We’ve all had those those words ingrained in our systems since childhood, but that is exactly what Clarkin did. Upon hearing how successful some influencers could be he took an immediate interest. Using his preexisting social media platform, Clarkin began experimenting with his followers. He began reading all about the business and posting original content. Slowly but surely he saw his followers increase. Clarkin admits he did have some hiccups along the way, but using instagram’s insights he was able to see what his followers liked and work with that.


Not everyone was supportive towards his growth, many told him that his ideas would not work, or that he was wasting his time. But Clarkin was determined. He says that one of the most important things he did was trust his gut. “You’ll never really know if something will work until you try it. You can miss out on big opportunities for being too scared or cautious. Sometimes you just have to go for it.” He opened up about the adversity he faced, but admits that looking back on it, it may have fueled him to work harder. He acknowledges that he could not have reached the success he has, or continue growing alone. Instead he emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with like minded people.

Starting out, Clarkin felt slightly lost, he knew what he wanted to do, however he was unsure of how to execute it. He initially turned to books and articles. Looking at the success that many others were achieving influenced him to keep going. Next, he began DMing successful instagram pages. Not all responded, however those that did were able to provide great insight. He remembers many times when he met with other successful entrepreneurs or influencers and bounced ideas back and forth. In fact, he firmly believes that these encounters is what helped him achieve the success he has today. During one of these idea sessions, Chris realized that he had a natural knack for it. He enjoyed every minute he spent working, and was excited when he got the opportunity to meet new people in the same field. Where at first he may have believed the meet ups would be only be helpful to him he quickly realized that they were mutually beneficial. He was able to think of new creative ideas that even the experienced were impressed by.

Today, Clarkin’s audience continues to grow and he continues to learn from his experiences. “It’s a learning process. If something goes wrong you fix it, if something works you still improve upon it. Continue working towards your goals, and when you reach one think of a new goal. You can always be better than you were yesterday.”



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