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The stage is set. The gigs are booked. As DJ Diddy closes out this Q4 on an unequivocal high note, he has already begun to plot his moves forthcoming for 2019. To be an entrepreneur, in essence, is to embrace your situation to the fullest; maximizing resources, plugs, and the collaborative interest of prospective venues & artists (DJs, Vocalists, Venue Owners, Party Companies). From Hyperglow to Fatboy SSE, DJ Diddy stays thriving. From early landmark gigs like the Life in Color Festival (Atlantic City, NJ), DJ Diddy has clearly asserted himself leagues above his competition. With humble roots from the Bronx, to the suburbs of Galloway, NJ, DJ Diddy is a bonafide, young star among his peers in the industry. The mass appeal to his entrepreneurial work in music is both compelling and critical to analyze as a case study for success.

What can you learn from his success? Everyone’s path to the top, or on the way to the top, is unique, but similar when contrasting the needed mentality, work ethic, and relentlessness to succeed. No one is forcing you to pursue your creative interests. But, from Instagram to Snapchat, any prospective entrepreneur has the tools readily available via mobile or desktop to grow their respective empire with dignity & efficiency. In this article, DJ Diddy & I have composed a priority checklist for entrepreneurs abroad to keep in mind in their endeavors. I hope you find this comprehensive review to be valuable, and as always, never hesitate to take notes, annotate pertinent information, and regard this article as yet another hub for minimalist essentialism.

You will reach forks in the road. “All your homies” aren’t meant to be put on, so reserve those spots tactfully for the real ones.

Forks in the road are normal, and should be anticipated. The common entrepreneurial fork, usually referred to as a “plateau”, marks a point where your clout has essentially thwarted, and you are only receiving residual clout from previous connections. This marks a call-to-action. You do not have to see it as that, but in my experience, when my sales numbers are stabilizing, I am quick to notice the trend in my Shopify account & see-to-it immediately. Whether you run an online Instagram store or platform yourself as a public figure, remember that there are endless possibilities and algorithms to maximize your viewer engagement. We all have stalkers, whether we know it or not. Yes, I’m referring to those Instagram accounts that: view your story, like (or comment) on your posts, and engage with your account that do not follow you. This is a common sensationalism us entrepreneurs cite as “ghost clout”. Sometimes coming from automated accounts (via Instagram bots) or even old business partners, it is crucial to recognize this phenomenon and keep these people interested.

Below, I have outlined several turning points and strategies, based on the power of user commenting, to efficiently grow your page, business, and further your business’ positive momentum online.

Create a comment based call-to-action on the majority of your posts.


  • “First 100 commenters receive eligibility to win (insert prize)


In this instance, viewers of the post see the potential to win something free, genuinely. This scenario sets up the poster of such content to receive an influx of comments, relevant to the demographic targeted.


  • “Comment your 3 most recent emojis”


Simply enough, people use emojis everyday. Everyone is involved in this one, the call-to-action is predicated & proved on the grounds that your followers

  1. A) Already “liked” the photo
  2. B) Support your upcoming moves
  3. C) Are enthused and intrigued in the media


  • “Which (insert variable) is you? Comment 1, 2, 3, 4”


In this scenario, viewers of the post are targeted & engaged based on the relatability of the content being presented. Commonly a meme format, a post like this can be effective if “Deleting later” is communicated by the person(s) relevant to the post, implying the culture surrounding the post is clearly predicated on its innate “hype”.


  • Comment (insert word) Letter-By-Letter For A Followback


This method is simple. Instagram has a comment limit, among many other limits, to set a crucial premise for viral-media content accounts to keep in mind. For more information on Instagram’s limits, click here.

Credit: DJ Diddy via Instagram


~ Sean Kelly, Jersey Champs CEO



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