Many refer to him as a young Dan Bilzerian in the making, and even more refer to him as their mentor and teacher. By putting in time to perfect his discipline and develop a program more than 20,000 people use today, Cody has been able to start a successful business and become a multimillionaire by the age of 23. In 2013, Cody began going to The University of Arizona where he began studying quantitative analysis and statistics. There, he knew he wanted to materialize a career in which he could combine his two passions sports and math. While still attending classes, he began to use the technical skills he was gaining in college with his passion for sports by researching statistics from each sport to begin developing an algorithm that tilted the odds for sports betting in his favor.

Since the age of 3 he has been passionate about sports and began playing baseball for his town little league. It was his dream to pursue a life in baseball, but when a career ending injury at 16 turned him to his second passion, math. After figuring out a formula that generates odds 52/48 over the Las Vegas sports books, Cody began posting his tickets and winnings on his Instagram account which started gaining attention from people all over the country. In 2016 he turned 21 and began investing more time and resources in betting in the sports arenas, while documenting his bets and winnings. This soon attracted the attention of a third party sports betting website where he was entered in a competition against the most profitable strategists around the world. After having success, at the age of 22 he was invited to a Radio and TV Talk show to discuss his success and how he uses it to fuel his company. With $50,000 in his pocket from his previous successful investment bets, he flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada. Within the first week of being there Cody turned $50,000 into $250,000 which gained him wide notoriety with the people in the sports books at the MGM Hotel & Casino, and that very weekend he had clients asking him on his strategy and advice so they too could have as much success as him. Shortly after he was getting 50-100 texts a day asking for his consulting on sports investment strategies in which he began charging for his time. From $1,000 to $1,000,000 in one of the most consistent winning streaks known to sports betting and investing, Cody has changed the game for competitive sports betting with his proven to win algorithm and investment strategy.

Flash forward to today, Cody has brought wealth and happiness to thousands of people around the world, with more and more young investors looking for his mentorship every day. Cody has over 20,000 paying clients with more than 10% making over six figures, which he teaches them his patented system, Systems Pay Bank Roll Strategy, to hedge bets and make huge returns. Helping all types of clients from young entrepreneurs starting out to Talk Show Hosts like Bob Menery, Cody teach his clients and pupils discipline and the 5 secrets to success. These 5 being; Take Risks, Work harder and longer than your peers, Every failed attempt is 1 step closer to success, You can’t lose if you never give up, and the More haters you have the better you are doing. Cody says these are also five pieces of wisdom he had wished someone shared with him when he first started out. To find out how Cody’s system or mentorship program can help you out, visit his website; where you can find the right program or system for you.


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