Billionaire P.A. is CEO of Wealthy Minds, Inc. He’s been featured on NBC, CBS Radio, Ebony, BET, and many others.

His mission is to travel the world inspiring over a billion people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a wealthy mind. If you get anywhere near Billionaire P.A. he will inspire you to talk less and execute more. He will motivate you to “Speak Your Dreams into Existence” and encourage you to develop a “Wealthy Mind”.

Before he became Billionaire P.A. and infecting the minds of people all over the world. He was broke, had two felonies, and lived out of a truck! Billionaire P.A. was homeless for 36 months and spent 63 straight days and nights living out of that truck where he wrote quotes that turned negative thoughts into positive inspiration.

Some famous quotes of Billionaire P.A. include:

“If people aren’t calling you crazy, your dream ain’t big enough.” – Billionaire P.A.

“If you have less money in the bank than you have followers on Instagram, you need to get you a new group of friends.” – Billionaire P.A.

“Never spend your present time with someone you don’t have a future with.” – Billionaire P.A.

“It’s okay for your pockets to be broke, just make sure your mind makes cents.” – Billionaire P.A.

Here are three lessons on How to Turn Excuses into Motivation From Billionaire P.A.

Lesson #1 – Set Your Intention.

Write a list of goals you’d like to accomplish in the next month.  Your goals should include any tasks that move you closer to achieving your greatest purpose in life.

Lesson #2 – Identify The Excuses.

Write down a list of excuses keeping you from taking action on the goals you listed in step 1. “Excuses” include any reason you’re “unable” to move forward on your dream.  Whether the reasons are within your control or outside your control, write them down on your list.

Lesson #3 – Reframe Your Thinking.

Create a list of affirmations changing those excuses into reasons you must accomplish your goal. Every time one of those excuses drift into your head, grab your list of affirmations and say out loud why you must accomplish your goal.


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