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The truth about Jonathan Foley’s success is proof by example. The standard that Foley, among a new wave of entrepreneurs, set is deeply rooted in self. Among my case-study examples, Foley shines in his own lane. With notable versatility, Foley utilizes several platforms, including several angles of attack from Instagram. If you’re looking for an entry-point to the minefield of Instagram’s benefits, look no further. In my analysis and observations from Jonathan’s tactics, I have taken notice to his wide-range of perspectives and have comprised a concise, powerful list of three can’t miss footnotes along his journey.

  1. One stream of revenue just isn’t enough.

Clear as day, Foley’s strategy is transparent, intentional, and effective. In our modern landscape of competition within our niches, it is vital to every effective page on Instagram to utilize strong branding. Many people ask me, what even is branding? Branding, particularly on Instagram, is a mandatory marketing skill that cannot be overlooked. WULF Marketing is a wonderful entry to understand Jonathan’s individual impact in the game of social media marketing and entrepreneurial influencing. Jonathan’s expansion of brand to develop WULF by himself is a testament to his grind, compassion, and collaborative mindset he carries with him in every deal inked.

2. Success is a mentality; the mindset to reach desired numbers is possible with proper pacing & realistic goal-setting.

It’s no secret that our world’s population is near 8 billion. Why does that matter? Foley’s marketing approach is the result of his assets; @Deep & @Positivity are two of his juggernaut assets in his guerrilla marketingstrategy. In such a massive planet, nearly every tangible niche has a market. Meaning, if you have the idea (concept and plan), the capital (money to invest), and the grit (determination, grind, consistency, communication, and relentlessness) you can make it, too. The reason why new pages go “viral” is a direct correlation to what pages and people are connected in their influencer network. A page centered around Owls can find virality and success on Instagram by finding related pages, and instead of rivaling against them for exposure, collaborating with them to mutually build & grow alongside them in co-existing harmony. On Instagram, almost all exposure is good exposure– you are bound to have some haters and doubters along your journey. Foley’s proven success is reaffirmed everyday in his clientele and sales figures. Struggling to get off the ground? Keep reading. This next takeaway might help turn around your follower count into 2019.

3. Stop talking and just do it. Try it. It’s worth it.

Yes, getting off the ground is difficult. That’s why you have to realize: You are never alone. With tiny glowing screens illuminating our minds and stimulating our primal instincts, Marshall McLuhan’s theory and philosophy of our Global Village is more and more relevant with every minute. The Global Village theory suggests that through digitally accessible media, as a globe, we will come together on the common denominator known as Wi-Fi or LTE. Connectivity is certainly a point of emphasis in how entrepreneurs like Foley stay up-to-date and current with the pulse of society. Technology, available to the public domain, only gets more advanced and accessible with time. As things continue to simplify & AI gets more intricate, as human beings, we must adjust with the changes. With companies like Facebook introducing new products like the Portal, users can interact with more flexibility; whether familial, entrepreneurial, or just friendly, communication from person-to-person is reaching peak accessibility on a global level of personability. What does this mean and how is this relevant to Instagram influencer marketing? Everything. We are nothing without our phones; our communication devices are perhaps the most powerful tools we have access to, structurally, they allow for us reach out and strengthen intrapersonal relations with other people at ease. With all factors and parameters considered, if you take anything away from this read,

Stop chatting. Stop bickering. Stop fussing.

If you have something to get done,

Go do it!

Time passes, even when we remain stagnant.


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