It’s no secret that college students like to party. However, one college student, Nick Filchy, has changed the way college partying takes place. 20-year-old Nick Filchy has elevated the party scene through his Instagram page @bangerbuddy. Posting epic party content daily, he has given a new definition to the thought of going wild.

With every share at the touch of a person’s fingertips, it’s no debate that word travels fast. As young students come across the @bangerbuddy page, the desire to tag their friends or comment their reactions is unmatched. One video can be spread across the map in minutes. As video’s or picture’s get wilder, a person’s want to match it or top it grows too. It is a butterfly effect, from one university to the next these outrageous party expectations are shared, and no school wants to be left behind. In an effort to reach social media fame, students will go above and beyond to create the next viral hit. Alternatively, as a post receives more engagement (i.e. likes, shares, comments), the more it is shown to people who do not already follow the page. It is a never-ending cycle that at its root has changed the party game.

In the age of social media, everything is recorded. Nick Filchy has used this to his advantage when creating his brand: Banger Buddy. What started as a fun hobby of posting entertaining content has turned into a phenomenon. A once small page is now recognized  on college campuses everywhere. When Filchy first started he would scour the internet for hours in an attempt to entertain his small audience. As people shared these videos with their friends @bangerbuddy gained more and more followers. Today, Banger Buddy stands at 3 Million followers and is gaining them by the thousands daily. In an attempt to entertain their friends, many people set out to recreate or beat trending videos. This ongoing competition, between partiers everywhere, to be the wildest or most fun has led to the most insane party tricks or themes ever seen.

@Bangerbuddy is not the only college lifestyle page, however it is one that has had the biggest influence on college students today. It would be rare to go to a campus that has not been affected by the Banger Buddy Butterfly effect that continues to grow and spread its wings across the nation. It is not a new concept to want to top the last party, however, through Banger Buddy everyone is, in a sense, experiencing the top moments of every party. The tasks or tricks being done to top the last party are increasing in intensity at an exponential rate. Everybody wants to attend a Banger Buddy like party.



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