Josh Ryan’s Background Story

Josh Ryan is an 18-year-old entrepreneur that runs his own 6-figure marketing agency. He’s spent his life growing up in a small town, located in Golden Bay New Zealand with a population of around 2,000 people. Even though his family wasn’t wealthy, they were very supportive and always encouraged Josh to go after his dreams. He played a lot of sports growing up and started his first business at 9-years-old because he wanted a pair of expensive football boots and to travel across the world to watch Leo Messi play live for FC Barcelona in Spain. Neither Josh nor his parents had the money to fund this trip, but his parents took this opportunity to teach him a valuable lesson. They told him that he could have anything he wanted in life as long as he found a way to make it happen. Those words are what led to his first business where he had a coca cola vending machine. Prior to that he traded Pokemon cards and sold fruit out in the front yard when he was six years old. By the time he was thirteen he discovered the power of WiFi and social media. Like a lot of people in the online space, he tried many different things online over the next three years, but nothing seemed to stick for more than a week. Just before he turned sixteen  Josh started the Instagram page @millionaire.dream posting motivational quotes, cool cars, houses, etc that would inspire both himself and others. After hustling all day every day he was able to build this page to 100k followers in twelve months, and now 440k followers after just three years. After this success he decided to settle on launching an agency at the end of 2017. Now he has clients that include top entrepreneurs like Russell Brunson and Preston Smiles. I got the chance to interview Josh about how he got started with his marketing agency. Here’s what he had so say.

Starting a 6-figure agency

While Josh was building his Instagram empire, he was also in the middle of trying a bunch of other things in order to make money online. Some of those were affiliate marketing, eCommerce, influencer marketing, email marketing and consulting etc.

At the start of 2018 he decide to link his huge network of influencers that he’s met over the years to help successful entrepreneurs who have a good message build their social page. He’s spent the last year dedicated to this instead of trying a whole bunch of different things.

“The jack of all trades is the master of none so don’t fall for the shiny object syndrome. Focus on one thing for long enough until you start seeing success.” – Josh Ryan 


His inspiration comes from his parents but he has had the entrepreneurship bug since he was six years old. One day he decided to make a page and post things that he wanted to achieve. One thing lead to another and as he grew he started to meet people and be exposed to the whole world of online marketing. Since it’s the future he decided to go with it.

Standing out from the crowd

He says that results are the key to why he stands out compared to others in the industry. Fair price is the second and great service is the third. Unfortunately many people in the industry charge similar amounts but provide bad service or charge huge amounts but get worse results. When people reach out to work with Josh they know he gives fair price, great service and results.

Defining Success

Once you define success you know you can take the steps to reach your goals. For Josh he defines success as being able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants to. It’s also important to have a good income that allows him to both supports himself and his family while also being able to play sports, travel and help others through charity.

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