Magnet Mount

Chances are, if you live in America and own a smart phone… you have seen their ads. exploded onto the scene at the beginning of 2018 and ranked up over 200k Instagram followers and 100’s of millions of impressions across Facebook, Instagram, google, Snapchat, Pinterest, amazon etc…

They became the #1 player in the car mount space in a nanosecond boasting over 2.8 million in sales in their first year. MagnetMount is growing at an exponential rate.

The three questions are…

What do they sell? Who is behind the company? And how did they soar to success so quickly?

What do they sell:

The Magnet Mount sells innovative, futuristic and stylish magnetic car mounts that work almost like magic.

Their products provide a safe, simple and effective handsfree solution for your phone which has you pondering… why the heck didn’t I think of that first?

Who is behind the company:

Two serial entrepreneurs Cooper Weiss and Gavin Dantez created the company from scratch at the beginning of 2018.

“People hate ugly window mounts, they hate complicated clunky gadgets… so we created a sleek, simple product and turned it into a wireless charger so people could say goodbye to clumsy charging cords too.”

How did they do it?

#1- Have Great Products

It doesn’t matter how many cool videos you create. If your product sucks, no one will buy it and the product line will falter quickly. MagnetMount only sells quality stylish products that are easy to use and excel in performance.

#2- Create Amazing Content

Create imaginative and substantive content that your audience loves and WOW them . This way Facebook will reward you with very cheap impressions and place you in front of the highest quality buyers.

The marketing game has changed!  Before companies would use all these hacks to trick platforms but now good relevant marketing is what wins.

#3- Multi Platform Advertising

If you wanna play with the big fish, you can’t just stick to Facebook anymore. You need an advantage over the competition. That advantage – is advertising in as many social media outlets as possible; especially with retargeting.

 Once someone hits your site, your ads follow them everywhere they go online. You become relevant and omnipresent in their lives which will increase their chance of buying your product by over 80%.

#4- Test, Test, Test

Split test as many ads as you can and never stop testing. Most people will create a few ads and assume they will just work.   This stragedy, not only shows a lack of effort and laziness,  but misses the mark completely.  Simply stated, it won’t work, especially long term.

To win the social media game, you have to test as many creatives as possible and scale the winners. That’s the beauty of social media; you get quick direct feedback to see what’s working and what is not.  It’s scientific and data driven.

Don’t keep spending money on ads that don’t work. Test small and then scale winners only.

These are a few simple tips that have helped to propel Magnet Mount’s success to dominate the social media game in less than one year.

If you want to find out more about them… follow them on insta





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