Vova Tess has seen success at a young age. He was born and raised in NYC in a middle class family. He was always ambitious and wanted to experiment and try new things. In high school Vova started to notice that he was always satisfied and comfortable with where he was because he had been comparing himself to the people around him. He said that when you’re in high school everyone is basically the same: average. So the only people he was around and compared himself to were average people. In result, he was going to be average as well. When he started to surround himself with like-minded people through mentorship, books, courses, podcasts, and talking to people that are actually successful in e-commerce that’s when his success started.

Getting started in E-commerce

Vova first started by watching YouTube videos of people hitting crazy numbers on Shopify. They were hitting anywhere from 1k-5k a day and he thought that was impossible at the time. Now his record high on Shopify is 25k in a single day. In the first six months of starting his own Shopify store he didn’t make any money. He was working as a lifeguard and put all the money he made from that into his Shopify business. Vova wasn’t successful at first. He to keep testing products after products until he found the right one. Most people don’t continue testing out new products and give up to early. Even though he lost his first few hundred bucks he kept at it because he knew it was possible.

What are 3 things you wish someone told you when you first started in E-commerce and why?

  1. Vova Tess: I wish someone told me that I should expect to fail and before things got good they would first get really bad. This isn’t “get rich quick” it’s a business and should be treated like one, it takes time, effort, money, and sacrifice.


  1. Vova Tess: Also I wish someone told me to invest in a mentor at the start because that would’ve saved me a lot of time and a lot of money doing trial and error and figuring out what works and what doesn’t but a mentor could tell you that right away and instead of wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars my journey could’ve been expedited if I invested in a mentor right away and not 6 months down the line.


  1. Vova Tess: I wish I could’ve been told that it’s not as easy as all those “gurus” make it out to be just so you can by their course. It takes time, effort and just like any other business you need patience and just like any other business frustration comes with it too.

What do you think makes your work in the e-commerce industry stand out?

Vova Tess: I stand out because unlike everyone else I stay with my students until they hit their objective in sales. I provide them with a full step by step blueprint on how all my stores were made and how they could replicate it and do the same thing.

If someone would want to emulate you have done so far, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

Vova Tess: The most important thing to do is to invest in a mentor or a coach or someone that has been through the mistakes you want to avoid. Why go through the same mistakes when a mentor could just guide you through them so that you can skip the learning curve.

What are some of your major accomplishments?

Vova Tess: Some of my major accomplishments were being able to speak at my high school about entrepreneurship and give value to the younger kids at my school and tell them advice that I wish I would’ve known about at their age, and showing them that making money besides having an after school job from the age of 14-17 isn’t impossible. Some of my other accomplishments were growing a Shopify store from scratch to $230,000 in sales in less than two months.

What’s the best way for our readers to find you?

People can find me on Instagram Dm @vova_tess


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