Leonard Person Jr has been an investor for over 15 years. He’s also the CEO of MyHouseGram.com and a Real Estate Expert that specializes and teaches strategic and creative Real Estate investing. Some things Leonard is known for include:

  • Quiet title litigation (Receiving Properties Back Mortgage Free)
  • Wholesale Acquisition Deals
  • Buying and Selling Nonperforming Notes
  • Basics Fix and Flips

He also specializes in Credit Repair in 90 days and Business Lines of Credit for startup companies where tax returns or proof of income isn’t needed. I wanted to learn more about the importance of being financially responsible. Here’s what he had to say.

Hey Leonard! I’m excited to learn more about you and MyHouse Gram. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Leonard: I met a good friend named Ravin from one of my best friends named Twin that was doing Real Estate investing in 2003. I saw him collecting checks off of deals he closed for $20,000 each. That inspired me to get into the business, and at that time I already saved up 15k to buy me and my family a house in PA. My friend suggest I flip that money and invest into property until I can get what I truly wanted, so that’s what I did. I found a property worth $306k in Brooklyn, NY where I was born and raised. I put $10k down on the property. I was the youngest black guy on the block that owned a multi-family house which made it hard to rent at times because prospective tenants didn’t believe I owned it. Because I looked so young, I had to always show them the deed and prove I owned the property. Long story short I flip that property for $550k the next year and netted $180k after taxes. I then sold several properties that year making over $1.2m in my first year doing real estate. That’s when I started a company and self-published a book called “Hood Estate The Manual” which was create to give the urban community a idea on how to flip property and build wealth by leveraging credit.

That’s amazing, what has been the most interesting story that’s happened to you since you started MyHouse Gram?

Leonard: The most interesting story is when I bought a property for $6k in Long Island NY and sold it for $270k the next year without fixing anything in the house. I know you’re going to ask me how was that done! It was done through a Quiet Title Litigation which is very rare to do but if you can prove the bank don’t own the promissory note then it’s more than possible. This has to be done through court and you will need to hire great experience counsel to execute this type of deal. We actually teach this in our mentor program which is $10k a member.

That’s interesting you seems to know a lot about Real Estate Deals. With that being said what do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

Leonard: The fact that we offer so many financial and investment services under one umbrella gives us the upper hand as a one stop shop company for all your financial and real estate needs.

We offer: Real Estate Investment Group Services, Credit Repair, Business Lines Of Credit For Start-Up Companies, Establishing Business Formations *LLC, INC, S-Corp, LLP etc. Real Estate Mentorship Programs, Fix and Flip Product Kits, Seminars, Workshops Etc.

As an expert in your field what are two financial tips you recommend for our readers?

  1. Invest in yourself by building your personal credit. It will give you credit worthiness to fund your ideas.
  2. Invest and establish a business, and also build up that business credit to use as leverage to purchase property and build a real estate portfolio.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

@myhousegram on instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Our following is very good on IG so you can definitely follow us there.


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